Waterhole Borrel I

FYI: The Waterhole has been our favourite pub for many years now. The environment is "gezellig", the drinks are tasty and not too Amsterdamsy priced, and the music is always good. No wonder why we were all so enthusiastic, right? 

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ALV - Ton Ton Club

Thursday the 16th of September we had our first event of the year: the ALV borrel. The members of Kliché were sent the board's policy plan and were asked to vote whether they agreed on the new board and the functions of its members. After the official part, the party could begin! 🥳

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Café Mokum - 17th of June


Last Thursday, we went to Café Mokum with 15 of our members. We all gathered at Amsterdam Centraal and walked to the restaurant together. On our way to the restaurant, we saw some enthusiastic supporters for both the Dutch and the Austrian team. 

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