ALV - Ton Ton Club

Published on 17 September 2021 at 11:25

Thursday the 16th of September we had our first event of the year: the ALV borrel. The members of Kliché were sent the board's policy plan and were asked to vote whether they agreed on the new board and the functions of its members. After the official part, the party could begin! 🥳

As some may know, the Ton Ton Club is an arcade hall where you have multiple activities to choose from. For example, there are many air hockey tables where you can play a match against each other (our board member Paulien defeated everyone). Besides, we were able to play Wii games, defeat villains playing Ninja Turtles, play Mario Kart, have dance games (some scored 40 points, others scored 4160340) and of course, there was also an option to just chill outside and have a drink.  🍹🍻

At the end of the evening, we could all say that we had a great time and we all had some good laughs. Something that really touched us as the board, was the enthusiasm from our new members who arrived first and left last. 😍

From the board to all of you: thank you very much for joining us and the great evening and we cannot wait to see you guys at our next event(s)! 💛

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