Halloween Party FGW

Published on 27 October 2021 at 12:00

One of the many parties we are going to organise this year together with the FGW 🥳

Last Tuesday, we had our first party that we organized together with the study associations Merlijn and Icarus. Some days before the party,  the three boards experienced some stress (something with a last minute cancellation by the venue we planned the party at at first), and some extra stress for one of our board members that found an even better venue (YAAAAAAAAY 🙏🙏🙏). But, after all was settled and signed, the party could really take place.

Our board members arrived early at Akhnaton, the venue where we celebrated the party, to decorate the room, to test the music, to meet with the managers etc; After the whole venue had been decorated, the three boards made plans together about the division of the tasks (scan QR, checking the guest list, hanging up coats, handing out wristbands). 

Our board member Michael

Your favorite board (minus Nils 🥲)

After the party had begun, we danced, we sang, we took pictures together, we laughed, we drank, and complimented each other on our spooky outfits. We had the best time ever and I think may be said that this was the best party Kliché has ever organized. 🤪 

Our board had a lot of fun too, organizing this event for you guys and we hope you will join us for the next borrel at Waterhole, and for the next FGW event, because we promise you: it is gonna be even better than this one 😍

Spooky greetings, 🧟

The Board 

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