Study Trip Committee

Every year, the study trip committee organizes a trip. The trip usually consists of two travel days, and a few days in an international city. In these few days, the group will visit cultural sites and participate in study-related activities, however, there is still room for non-studyrelated things. These activites could be going to a museum or going for dinner with the group.  

As the study trip committee, you can decide a handful of cities where the group can pick out of. Past years, Kliché has gone to Riga, Budapest, Edinburgh, Prague, London, and Instanbul. 

The committee members will guide the group around the city and the committee plans which activities on which days. Every day is divided among the members and on the chosen days, they will guide the group around the chosen city.

The former studytrip-committee consisted of 5 members: Manon Hofman, Tessa Horst, Tomas van Daalen, Marija Nicolic and Brechtje van der Brug. They planned a trip to Porto, which unfortunately couldn't be realised due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Still, according to the committee-members, they've enjoyed planning the trip, and learning about the process and about each other.

If you want more information, or are interested in becoming a committee-member, you can ask the Board or request contact with the former committee-members.

The experience of a member (Marija) 

The study trip committee organizes the yearly trip for Kliché members. The committee aims to offer members an unforgettable trip to an interesting location where they can discover many interesting cultural sights.

This year I had the amazing experience of being the secretary of this wonderful committee. I got to work alongside many great people, and truly had a lot of fun thinking of different locations and activities. Working with Brechtje, Tomas, Manon and Tessa was always fun, and I think our personalities worked very well together.

In the six months that I worked with them, we planned a fun trip to Porto, which we were all extremely enthusiastic about. Unfortunately, this trip never happened due to the corona virus. However, I still think I learned a lot from my experience with the study trip committee, and do not regret the time I spent on it.

The duties of secretary helped me develop my organizational and communication skills, which I believe will help me a lot in the future.  I would therefore wholeheartedly recommend new students to get involved with Kliché, as I wish I had done it earlier in my studies.