Why should I become a member?

During your student life, you might want to join a study association. This is where Kliché can help you! Kliché* is the study association for the courses: CreaTe CIS, MKDA, and L&S. What can Kliché do for you?

- Get to know your fellow students; as a member of Kliché, you can attend events where you can meet people outside of the classroom! Members of Kliché can be in other programs than you or can be people in the same program but further in their academic career. 

- 3 events a month; Kliché organises, at least, three events a month. These events can be borrels, game or movie nights, beer pong tournaments, etc.

- Discover Amsterdam; Kliché helps you discover Amsterdam through the eyes of a student. 

- Discount on study books; as a member of Kliché, you receive discounts, up to 15%**, at the VU Boekhandel!

- Discount on English novels; as a member of Kliché, you receive discounts up to 10% at the VU Boekhandel.

- Become a committee member; you can participate in committees for activities or study trip. After becoming a member, you can develop your abilities and your CV!


If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to kliche.fgw@vu.nl or send a message to one of the board members!

* The membership of Kliché costs €15,- for first-year and €10,- for second year and up members

** The discount at the VU Boekhandel is 5% on Dutch study books and 15% on foreign study books. However, the week before the start of a new period and the first week of the period, the discount on Dutch study books will be 10% as well.