Kliché Study Association

Welcome to the website of Kliché!

We are a study association based in Amsterdam for students of the VU, for the programs: CIS, MKDA, and L&S. However, everyone is welcome to join, even if you do not follow one of these programs! Kliché organises events where you can destress, have fun and meet new people. These events are both study related and non-study related and there is also a study trip. 

A reminder to old members to renew their membership


Exam Week 

19th of October till the 23th of October

The Kliché board wants to tell ever single member; good luck in this exam week! We hope for you all to have good grades and not an insane amount of stress. 

Good luck with your exams!


29th of October

Let's get spooky! Two nights before Halloween, Kliché will be hosting a pub quiz where you will be asked about the holiday. You can even dress up as your favorite horror villain. 

November Events

Will be announced soon

The events will be announced after the exam week along with the calender.

This Month's Calender