Kliché thinks it is important to help its members with personal growth and development. One way Kliché does this, is by enabling its members to join a committee. Committees are groups of members that hold a special position to organise events. These events can be small scaled and intimate or can be bigger, such as an international study trip. 

Important to know, is that as a member of a committee, one of the board members will assist and help you. This way, you won't be completely on your own. The committee can basically organise anything they want to do. The committee decides who holds which role, but the basic roles are the president, treasurer, secretary, and general members.

Here is a small description of each role: 

  • The president leads the meetings and delegates tasks. They also have to check up on the other members.
  • The treasurer makes the budget for the events.
  • The secretary transcribes the meetings and communicates with people outside of the committee. For example, they send e-mails or make sign-up sheets.
  • The general members can hold any kind of position. They can help with promotion, or with finding activities for the study trip, etc. 

There are two committees that you can join, the activity committee and the study trip committee. You can look at the specific pages to learn more about these committees!

If you are interested in joining one of the committees, feel free to contact the Kliché board with questions and inquiries! This can be done via

e-mail, social media or the contact form