The Board of 2019-2020

Hi there, we are the board of 2019-2020!

We have had an amazing year filled with many fun activities and memorable borrels, all thanks to our lovely members. As our board existed of just three board members, we relied on our committees and members to make the most out of this year. Our highlight of the activity committee was visiting the Book of Mormon musical, going ice skating in the winter, as well as fun game nights! Our board year took an unexpected turn when the corona epidemic shut down the university, country and basically the world, but we continued to organize digital game nights to unite our study association.

Unfortunately, the corona epidemic also resulted in cancellation of our annual study trip. Our study trip committee had worked hard to put together an amazing trip to Porto, but due to quarantine, we had to abandon the plan. Luckily we still have next year to enjoy the study trip twice as much! We are proud to announce the candidate board 2019-2020 as five ambitious Kliché members who were always present and involved in the association. We wish you lots of success, luck and fun in your upcoming year!

Kliché Kisses,

Board 2019-2020

Elisabeth, Eline & Tomas