Waterhole Borrel I

Published on 10 October 2021 at 12:00

FYI: The Waterhole has been our favourite pub for many years now. The environment is "gezellig", the drinks are tasty and not too Amsterdamsy priced, and the music is always good. No wonder why we were all so enthusiastic, right? 

Last Thursday, we finally had our first Waterhole borrel after more than 1,5 years. We as a board were all very excited for the night and happily, a lot of our members signed up, meaning they were enthusiastic too. 😍

We started the borrel at 20:00, which was very convenient, as happy hour was from 20:00-21:00. GT'S, Baco's, Maco's (is this even a real abbreviation?) and many more drinks were ordered. This surely is something to remember for our next Waterhole borrel. 

As if we didn't have enough fun seeing each other (and new members), it turned out there was going to be a live band!! We danced, we sang our hearts out, and all forgot about the last 1,5 years and the restrictions, covid has brought us. 🥺

Besides, are you really at a pub if you're not spending time with others at a pool table? Some of our members must have really asked themselves this question, as there were a lot of matches this night. 

From the board to you guys: We all had a great time and we cannot wait for the next Waterhole borrel to happen. Hopefully, everyone who joined us will join us again, and we are hoping to see even more of you. <3

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