Halloween Borrel

Published on 22 October 2021 at 19:00

We were finally allowed to use our Social Room again, what better way to celebrate than with a Halloween Borrel? 

After our board member Renée had decorated the room with ballons, fake spiders, skeletons and inflatable letters, and board members Michael and Paulien had covered the motion sensor causing the room to be dark and spooky, the borrel could begin. 🥳

We put on a spooky playlist, we danced and sang and some of us had their own "foggy" party in the bathrooms, but let's keep that a secret between the people involved and the board. 😁

As always, we had lots of fun and the board was very happy (again: as always) that so many of you showed up and caused us to have a great time where we made a lot of memories that we can talk about (or not aka bathroom party). 

We all wished the borrel could have lasted longer, but unfortunately for us, the VU was closing at 23:00, so we had to end the borrel and leave the building. (If we hadn't, it would have been quite an adventure though) 

Weren't able to make it but still love yourself a Halloween Party? We have very good news for you then, as we will have a Halloween Party in two weeks! 

We hope to see you all at another borrel where we can have just as much (or more???) fun as this time! 


The board

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