Puzzle Escape

Published on 28 December 2021 at 12:00

A cold but exciting night

On December 9th, we organized a puzzle escape through Amsterdam. Our activity committee divided the members that signed up for the activity in teams and after we had all collected at the Dam Square, we were ready to go.

We used a program (which was still in its learning phase, will be elaborated on later) that showed us where we had to go to in Amsterdam in order to collect puzzle pieces containing hints that would enable us to solve the puzzles. During the game, we found out that the navigation part of the program, that was supposed to show us where we had to go, didn't quite work the way we wanted to, as it showed us that the first puzzle piece was at Keizersgracht, while the second was at The Wallen, and then the third piece would be at Keizersgracht again. Let's just say that after the puzzle night, we had all achieved our "steps per day" goal for not only the day itself, but also for the rest of the week. 


After two of the teams that were on the winning side, walked into each other, a game existing of who could run the fastest started. Due to the program still having its issues, we are still not really sure who the real winner was, so let's keep that answer a secret....


We had a lot of fun, and credits to our activity committee for organizing such a fun event and even providing the members with goodiebags.


We hope to see you all at our next event, and until then: stay safe!



The Board


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