Activity Committee

Kliché plans events throughout the year and these events can be intimate and small or grand with other study association. Some of the activities that the activity committee has planned: ice skating, beerpong tournament with other study associations, movie nights and game nights in the social room, borrels at the VU or at the Waterhole, amongst other events.

As the activity committee, you can decide on what events you want to plan, market these events, and create fun events. 

The experience of the chair (Noelani)

The Activity committee organizes all the fun events for Kliché members.

During my first year as president of this committee, I got to know many new people. It was fun organizing borrels, museum trips, pub quizes, etc. and always looking for new fun activities that we could do.  Working with Elisabeth, Julia and Zoë was great because we all were on the same page and all got along super well. The different ideas from each of us all contributed to an amazing year full of fun and laughter. Even though it might seem stressful to think ahead and organize events on a regular basis, it actually helped me with my organization and social skills. 

As a first year international student, this committee allowed me to make new friends and meet many people. It definitely helped feeling integrated and at home.

However, this amazing year could not have been possible without our lovely Kliché members, especially those who joined almost every event.

We always made sure that our events would be interesting for everybody, and of course affordable! Our first goal is always a successful event with happy people! I cannot wait to participate in any further activities in the future and get to see what more events are waiting for me!