25 Apr: Cocktail Workshop + Kingsday Borrel

Hii all,

Kingsday is just around the corner we have to celebrate our beloved king🫅🧡. We are going to celebrate it BIG💥! The Social activity and cultural commity have joined powers and present: cocktailworkshop 🍹& borrel🍻.

From 18:00 we have organized a workshop where you can learn to shake 3 different types of cocktails🍸. And most importantly drink them all;). There are 20 spots for the workshop. The link will be posted on our instagram after the weekend (@kliché.fwg). For members it will be 5 euros and for non members 10 euros🤑. You can join the borrel afterwards!

From 20:00 the borrel will start. During the borrel we will play some typical kingsday games, like ‘spijkerpoepen’ and ofcourse have some nice FREE drinks🍷🍻!

📍Location: the Social Room (Main Building 12A43)

We hope to see you then!
As we dutchies say: Bijzijn = meemaken✨

(to be present is to experience)

The Cultural🎨 & Social commity

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