Newsletter December 2020

Published on 8 April 2021 at 19:38

Dear members,


We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month December! We will give an overview of the fun activity that is on the calendar for this month, Paulien has posted on the NoteBoard, and Renée has sent in a Member Memo! You will also receive some information about the enterprising plans of the VU. 



This month, due to the exam week and the holidays, there will be one activity. But not just any activity!


  • Sinterklaas: Are you already feeling festive? Kliché hopes to bring a smile on your face with a holiday-themed activity. The 10th of December, we are celebrating Sinterklaas! This is an old tradition in the Netherlands, and so to say the ‘Dutch version of Christmas'. We are going to do a raffle with all of the people joining, so make sure you sign up on time*. The person you have picked in the raffle is going to receive a small poem, specifically Sinterklaas-themed. Make sure to grab your dictionary and good luck!

* You can sign up in the Whatsapp group. If you are not yet a member of this group, please email us so we can invite you!



For this month's NoteBoard, commissioner of external affairs Paulien has written about the festive month that is December:


Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, the holiday season is about to take off! A song that is played a lot this month is It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And it got me thinking, what does Christmas look like? For me, it is more like a feeling. Being together with your family or other loved ones. This year will be different, since we are not allowed to be together with a lot of people here in The Netherlands. I hope that you can get the real Christmas feeling and enjoy December. First, survive this month and the upcoming exams, to enjoy the well-deserved break after :). And let’s all hope that next year, we all can meet on campus again, and get that drink together!


Member Memo:


For this month's Member Memo, Renée has written a beautiful piece called Reflecting. It is attached to this mail, go check it out!


VU Ondernemend:

VU continues facilitating and stimulating entrepreneurial behavior, for students, PhDs, professors and other staff members. Around next summer, you will see that with the coming of the VU StartHub. This is a ‘village’ that will be at the VU Campus for 10 years for startups, innovation, research, education and meetings. There will be space for about 25 startups, from all faculties.

With the VU StartHub, VU encourages students and staff to share knowledge, be creative, show courage, and put enterprising initiatives into practice. Resulting in a confirmation of VU’s image as an innovation hub in the knowledge center Zuidas. And the final goal is to be of greater social, economical, financial and ecological worth for society.

VU is also developing a Life Sciences Innovation hub: a building with 12,000 m2 of space where Life Sciences businesses can settle, as well as scale-ups and researchers. This will thus be a spider in the Life Sciences web that Amsterdam wants to be in Europe.

VU intensifies contacts with enterprising alumni and businesses - inside and outside of the Zuidas - for possible partnerships.


That concludes the newsletter for this month. We hope to see many of you at December's activity, and good luck with your exams!


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché