Newsletter January 2021

Published on 8 April 2021 at 19:39

Dear members,


Happy new year! We hope you've all had nice holidays.

We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month January! We will give an overview of the fun activities that are on the calendar for this month, Brechtje has posted on the NoteBoard, and you will be introduced to a new activity committee!



This month we have 4 planned activities:


  • 7 January 20:00: New Year's Borrel: Online New Year’s borrel to celebrate the beginning of 2021 (and the end of 2020!)
  • 12 January 19:45: Disco bingo with GECCO: GECCO* has organised an online disco bingo in which Kliché will take part. Instead of crossing off the regular numbers on your bingo card, you cross off the songs the DJ plays this evening.
  • 21 January 20:00: Finish escape room we started in November: Last november, we started an online escape room and solved part of the puzzles. That was lots of fun! On the 21st, we will solve the rest of the puzzles and get out of the (online) escape room together!
  • 28 January 20:00: KlichéxTalks: During this KlichéxTalks, Emma Mouthaan is going to tell us all about her Instagram platform Skere Student. She will talk about her content, her following and how she works as a content creator.


* You can read more about GECCO later on in the newsletter!



For this month's NoteBoard, our chairman Brechtje has written a piece:


Have you guys encountered the new-years-Klichés?? Like the age old (not really funny anymore) joke: “I’ll see you next year, ha haha hahaha….” Or the new years resolutions?? I think I’ve fallen in the “I want to start working out more” -trap. Although I actually want to, how long will I keep it up…
Last year sucked. Since March we haven’t really been able to have fun like we want to. I miss hanging out with my friends, going out to parties (or staying home for those), drink coffee that I haven’t made myself. I want to explore the world without the restrictions of closed shops and no activities. We all want to. You meet new friends in classes, but after a few weeks you just don't know a lot more than “they’re in my class”.
BUT, I’m not here to point out the obvious. Last year sucked, yeah, but we made it!! 2021 is a whole new page in our storybooks. I’m wording this in the most Kliché way I know, because I know we’ve worked hard in our association. And even though it’s not the same, we had fun!! I’ve learned to write in calligraphy, and I’ve learned lots about my friends, because if they don’t turn out to be a killer in a murder mystery, they’ll laserbeam me to death in a spaceship (Yes, I’m talking about Among Us. No, I haven’t forgiven any of you…)
Jokes, jokes. I think we’ve adapted well guys!! It’s hard to go from full days on campus to zero contact except online. And we’ve freaking survived!! The vaccines in the Netherlands are coming SOON, following the rest of Europe in their footsteps. And when we’re finally free from Covid-19, we’ll be able to speak of our true willpower.
2020 was like the movies. You know the ones, where a huge natural disaster will destroy life EVERYWHERE, and we are all rooting for Brad Pitt and his family to survive?? WE ARE BRAD PITT NOW!! Be proud, keep holding on for a bit, and make sure you keep your promise of working out more, because we are Brad, and we will survive!!



GECCO is the name of the new faculty-wide activity committee that will organise activities for members of all the Humanities study associations. These are Icarus, Synkratos, Merlijn & Kliché. The name GECCO is derived from the words GEesteswetensChappen COmmissie, which translates to Humanities Committee. Tuesday 12 January 19:45 is the first activity, a disco bingo, so be there!


That concludes the newsletter for this month. We hope to see many of you at January's activities!


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché