Newsletter March 2021

Published on 8 April 2021 at 19:42

Dear members,


We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month March! We will give an overview of the fun activities that are on the calendar for this month, Manon has posted on the NoteBoard, and Chloë-Ann has written a Member Memo.




  • 4 March 20:00: Gamenight AirConsole: On Februari 4th, we're hosting a gamenight where we will play AirConsole games!
  • 11 March, time yet to be determined: Q&A session Groenlinks: On March 11th, we will have a Q&A session with Groenlinks, a Dutch political party. Let us know if you want to participate!
  • 18 March 20:00: Crimibox: We are gonna solve a murder! Not a real murder of course, but one Crimibox will send to us. We will receive a digital dossier with police archives and CCTV-footage to analyse. We will need to crack codes, passwords and look for clues on Instagram profiles! All to solve the murder of a young girl.



For this month's NoteBoard, our commissioner of external affaris Manon has provided you with some Netflix recommendations:


After almost a year in lockdown, my hours spent on Netflix have increased immensely. So if you are stuck on what to watch next, here are some of my favorite shows and movies on Netflix.

• The Queen’s Gambit – The miniseries follows a chess prodigy, Beth Harmon, from an orphanage in Kentucky to dueling with high-level players whilst she falls into destructive habits.
• Chewing Gum – In this comedy series, you follow Tracey a young Londoner who wants to escape her Christian upbringing and lose her virginity.
• Peaky Blinders – An historical drama that focuses on a gang in London, it deals with power inequality and fighting for your family. The series now has five seasons with a sixth one coming soon.
• Pose – This series is inspired by the legendary documentary Paris is Burning, as it follows the ballroom community at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.
• Midsommar – The horror movie that you should watch if you are going through a breakup. It follows a couple who travels to Sweden to see a midsummer festival. What seemed to be an idyllic retreat turns increasingly violent.
• To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before – A cute rom-com that does not stray from the genre, but is heartwarming and shows a great family bond.
• Knock Down the House – This documentary gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of a pivotal election. It follows four women as they try to win their election.


Member Memo:  


For this month's Member Memo, Chloë-Ann has written a piece about her vacation experiences:

For the past couple of days, as the weather started to change, I started reminiscing about my family’s past vacations. I couldn’t help myself; it’s been a while since we went on our last family vacation. Our family vacations are always epic. But while I was reminiscing about our epic vacations, I realized that on every family vacation we’ve had for the last ten years, every trip has a crazy story. From getting trapped in an underground parking garage in Montreal to being interrogated by the US custom, we have had our fare share of anecdotes that makes our vacation memorable. What makes it even better is that there is always a sliver inning in our stories and we always end up in a better position than before our little accidents. And every story has one thing in common: I originate every of these situations. A great example is the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert (yup that’s right). On our last family vacation in New York, my mom and I went to the OTRII concert. The venue of the concert was in Rutherford, New Jersey. Since we were staying in Manhattan, I thought it will be a great idea to take an uber the concert instead of taking public transportation. My mom had no problem, as long as I took care of it (the first mistake). However, at the concert tragedy strikes, when the concert was delayed for 2 freaking hours. All this because of a thunderstorm that happened right before the performance of Bey and J. I spent those two hours on my phone, trying to figure out when the thunderstorm is over (second mistake). Right before the concert started my phone had around 60%, which should be enough for the next two hours. But stupid me forgot that I was at a Beyonce concert and that documenting it was the only part that made it real. I mean even pinching was not enough. So, I Snapchatted and recorded almost everything without thinking about my battery. In my defense, when Beyonce is literally above you, you should at least take a picture, right? As the concert was ending, I saw my battery percentage at 10%. Part of me still thought that my phone would make so that I can order the uber, but as you can imagine that was not the case. My mom forgot her phone, so we couldn’t order the car. We were forced to walk almost two kilometers in the dark in order to go take a bus back to the city. My mom was furious because while walking we saw the long lines waiting for the bus. I walked up to the lady selling the tickets and she said. Well if you have the money cash, you can get this bus (which meant skipping the line). Luckily, we did and got on the bus. But the silver lining is that while I stupidly forgot to charge my phone, I also saved my mom in the end almost 60 dollars! So guys next time when you are in a situation that is not necessarily ideal, don’t forget that there is always a silver lining. Especially in these trying times, don’t forget to look for this silver lining.

Stay safe and a big hug.

Chloë-Ann Martes


That concludes the newsletter for this month. We hope to see many of you at March's activities!


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché