Newsletter April 2021

Published on 24 May 2021 at 15:17

Dear members,


We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month April! We will give an overview of the fun activities that are on the calendar for this month, Mees has posted on the NoteBoard, and Lana has written a Member Memo.




  • 8 April, 12:45-13:30: Info lunch: If you’re interested in doing a board year, join our information session! Also if you're not yet sure whether you want to do a board year, feel free to join if you want some information on being in the next Kliché board.
  • 15 April, 20:00: Cocktail night: On the 15th of April we’re organizing an online cocktail night. Members who registered will receive a package with ingredients for four cocktails. We will also do a quiz on cocktails!
  • 29 April, 20:00: Finish online crimibox: On April the 29th we will finish and solve the crimibox online murder we started in March. 



For this month's NoteBoard, our secretary/treasurer Mees has written about what the board year has brought him:


As you have already read in this newsletter and in the WhatsApp group, the time of the year has come where the current board of Kliché starts looking for their successors. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to be in Kliché's board, and I would certainly recommend it! I thought I would list you a couple of things that the board year has brought me:


  • Meetings: The board year brought me (a lof of) experience with meetings. This includes following an agenda, listening to your fellow board members, and actively participating yourself. This is something I suppose I will come into contact with a lot more often in my career later on in life, and I am happy to have some experience with it now.
  • Arranging activities: At the beginning of our board year, when our wonderful activity committee was not yet installed, I helped arranging some fun activities. Although these were online activities, they were enjoyable to prepare and to participate in. 
  • Knowledge of organisations: Kliché is of course all about fun activities and interaction between students outside of classes, but it is also an organisation that needs to be run. This includes a financial aspect, it includes contact with members and with other organisations, and lots of other aspects. Being partly treasurer and partly secretary meant that I got to experience many of these aspects, which was very interesting to me!

These are just some of the things that the board year has brought me. I hope it helped giving some insight into what it is being a board member. Much more information will be given to you during the information lunch at 8 April, 12:45, so don't hesitate to join us then! This is totally without any obligations afterwards, so also if you are not at all sure if you want to do a board year, feel free to join!


Member Memo:  

For this month's Member Memo, Lana has written about what 2020 brought her:


I’ve been staring at my screen for over an hour now, contemplating what I should write about. I didn’t want to write about the year we probably all want to forget as soon as possible – last year has been a challenge, to say the least. But instead of looking back in anger and disappointment, I decided to look at what 2020 brought me.

At the beginning of the “intelligent” lockdown, Netflix gave us some amazing, and questionable, original films and series. I learnt that people in the United States actually keep tigers as pets and that Carole Baskin probably killed her husband. I also learnt that all these years, I had been missing out on La Casa de Papel and binge-watched the entire series in about three days.

I learnt to appreciate the little things more. Looking at a pretty sky or the sunset. Cooking for friends and family, even if it turns out horrible. The fact that I’m extremely lucky to have a job because sometimes it’s the only thing I can look forward to in a week. The people around me, how they motivate me and push me to do more with my life. The walks I go for, even if it starts to rain halfway through and I get lost.

I learnt that, if I set my mind to something, I can actually achieve it. For example, I’ve always hated jigsaw puzzles. I’d say I’m a pretty patient person, but, for some reason, jigsaw puzzles just bring out the worst in me. Lockdown made me realise that if I ever wanted to complete one, without getting annoyed, this would be the perfect time to do it. So, I did. And it actually went pretty well.

I learnt that, even in troubling times, I can make unforgettable memories. I actually had a great summer – the pandemic wasn’t as bad as it is right now, and I spent some time with amazing people. I learnt that there are so many amazing artists in the world, and I learnt that I can lose myself in Spotify for hours on end.

But, most importantly, I learnt that I could keep myself motivated. It took me some time but, in the end, I got there – and that’s all that matters. Like everyone else, I’ve experienced some setbacks, but this made me realise that there will be better times ahead. For now, all we can do is deal with the situation the best way we possibly can. I know we’re all tired of hearing that, but it is the only thing we can do. For me, this means looking at the positive side of things, even if there are not that many. What does it mean for you?


That concludes the newsletter for this month. We hope to see many of you at April's activities!


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché