Newsletter June 2021

Published on 1 June 2021 at 11:00

Dear members,


We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month June! We will give you information about the fun activity that is on the calendar for this month, Michael has posted on the NoteBoard, and Cindy has written a Member Memo.



  • 17 June:Dinner: We will have dinner at a restaurant in Amsterdam, our first physical activity! We will do so following the corona regulations. More information will soon follow in the Whatsapp group, and there is a limited number of spots available, so stay tuned!
  • NoteBoard:

For this month's NoteBoard, our secretary/treasurer Michael has written a piece from a special place:


This is a special edition of NoteBoard, as it’s the last edition for this year’s board. This month’s edition is also special, because it is written from our social room on the twelfth floor. Today (May 31st) was my first time at the VU in a very long time. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to go back yet, but the fact that at least some of us are getting the chance to see our professors in 3D instead of 2D shows that we’re nearing the end of the pandemic. So, in this final NoteBoard, my message to you is (as it was at the beginning of the pandemic): stay strong. We’re almost there; before you know it, we’ll be having a drink in our social room, not thinking about whether or not we’re far enough away from our fellow students, or whether or not we’ve forgotten a face mask. I’m very much looking forward to it, and I hope you are to.

See you soon,


Member Memo:  

For this month's Member Memo, Cindy looks forward to the upcoming year:


As we’re approaching the last period of this academic year, it got me thinking a lot about the upcoming year. A year from now, we’ll probably (hopefully) look back on a fun and eventful school year. People who are now in their first year will have gotten to know their fellow students in real life. People who are now in their second year will have done a minor or internship, and will be busy writing their thesis. People who are now in their third year will have started a master, job or gap year. A year from now we will look back on a fun (and our first) study trip. Whatever the destination may have been, I’m sure it was filled with lots of fun activities and great memories! A year from now we’ll have had many many Kliché borrels, game nights and activities at the VU again. A year from now... I’m looking forward to it already! :)


That concludes the last newsletter of this academic year! It has been a pleasure composing it every month, and we hope to see many of you next year. 


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché

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