Newsletter May 2021

Published on 31 May 2021 at 12:00

Dear members,


We hereby send you the ETCETERA newsletter for the month May! We will give an overview of the fun activities that are on the calendar for this month, Paulien has posted on the NoteBoard, and Amber has written a Member Memo.




  • 13 May, 20:00: Game night: We are going to finish the crimibox that we started last month! So come join and help us solve the mistery.
  • 21 May, time tba: Meetup in the park: We will meet in a park in Amsterdam to have our first activity that is not online! We will have some drinks and chill, with hopefully some nice weather! We hope to see you all! This activity will only take place if the corona regulations at the time allow it, we'll keep you updated.



For this month's NoteBoard, our commissioner of internal affairs Paulien has written about her experience and future with Kliché:


It is weird that we started our board year almost a year ago. Time went by very quickly, even with only online activities. Last week we received motivation letters from members who want to join the board next year. I cannot wait to see how Kliche will evolve even more next year! I had so much fun last year, and I think with offline activities Kliche can be so much more, that I decided to apply for a board year again! So maybe you will hear more from me next year. I hope to see you guys at some of our activities and that we soon can meet in person again. The first opportunity to do this is to join our meetup the 21st of May in a park in Amsterdam! I hope to see you all then! 


Member Memo:  

For this month's Member Memo, Amber has written about her plans for the spring break, and she gives you some recommendations:


We’re slowly but surely creeping up towards the final weeks of this academic year, which I can only describe as weird and chaotic. To me, personally, this year absolutely flew by. It was a pretty shocking, and saddening, realisation when it came to me that I’ve been studying online for longer than I’ve had the ‘normal’ university experience, like all students who are currently in their second year. Some things you shouldn’t think about for too long, and for me this is certainly one of them.
To avoid making this little piece too depressing let’s turn to some more positivity. I’m guessing we’re all currently very busy working towards the (second to) last exam week of the year, starting, or maybe even finishing, the final essays and assignments, and studying hard for the final exams. Before all those deadlines start to come terrifyingly close though, we have the education-free week. Or should I say the ‘reading week’, the ‘vacation week’, the ‘free week’, the ‘work-on-assignments week’, or any other way I’ve heard it mentioned as in the last few weeks. It seems nobody is actually sure of how ‘free’ this week is actually going to/ supposed to be, but I, for one, plan to use it de-stress. With the Covid-regulations easing up a little, I think it’s high time to (responsibly) meet up with friends (of course within the regulations), get a drink on a terrace, and rest for a bit before the final sprint towards the end of the year.
In case any of you have some free time during this education-free week, allow me to recommend some entertainment to pass the time: I’ve recently read The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, which I found highly enjoyable, and would definitely recommend if you have some interest in the Greek epics. I also am very much looking forward to the release of new episodes of the Netflix series Lucifer, and am currently watching the Netflix series Dark, both of which are very enjoyable as well.
On that note, I hope you all have some free time to enjoy soon, and I wish all of you good luck with the rest of the academic year!


That concludes the newsletter for this month. We hope to see many of you at May's activities!


Kind regards,

The board of Kliché